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Academic Presenter (Online Platform) - About
A.P. - About
Our Story

Academic Presenter is the continuation of our journey toward perfection, but it is not the starting point. Frankly, we can not remember from where we started to be interested in science. Maybe, by watching spark lights of a chemical process, or observing the moon through our handmade telescope.

We concentrated all our attentions from different fields toward computer science when we were youngsters. We learned a lot together and gradually progressed. Our first real product was Ostad Mathematical Software that became a pivotal moment in our life. The development phase took four years and three years for marketing and post production.

During our MSc and Ph.D., we were part of robotic teams. We won many international competitions and collected experience in various fields ranging from visualization to artificial intelligence, simulation, computer vision, and control. Academic Presenter is deeply rooted in our experience in robotic fields. We applied best of the best to enhance presentation experience.

Our Mission

Based on predictions, by 2025, the number of students around the globe enrolled in higher education will be 262 million. These grad students will need to present their research at different phases. Our agenda in GAK Soft is to develop software solutions for real needs in educational environments, and as it's confirmed in many cases, a decent presentation can enhance students' future.

Academic Presenter is professional presentation software designed by academicians for academicians to elevate presentations’ quality to the next level.

By employing Academic Presenter, users can build amazing story-like presentations which have been seen in sci-fi movies before.

Contact Us

Academic Software's project has begun from 2015, and we recently launched the online platform. We are open to angel investors for future collaborations. Also, we are accepting ambassadors in different universities. Therefore,If you are interested in getting in contact with us about the following topics:

investment possibilities
distribution partnership
education licensing

Please contact us at [email protected]

Bihter Avşar
PhD Candidate at Sabanci University
Istanbul, Turkey.
Marcio Okabe
Brazilian Society of Professional Presentations
São Paulo, Brazil
José Roberto Oliveira
Business strategist, EYSEN
São Paulo, Brazil.
António Caetano
Professor at Universidade de Aveiro
Aveiro, Portugal
Bruno Carpentieri
University Assistant at University of Groningen,
Groningen Area, Netherlands.
Angel Herráez
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
University of Alcalá, Spain
Geneviève Chong
French Immersion Intermediate Teacher at
Vancouver School Board, Canada
Behrooz Pourghannad
PhD Student at University of Michigan,
Ross School of Business, Michigan, USA.
Jerzy Grebosz
Assoc. Prof. at Institute of Nuclear Physics
Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow, Poland